Our Approach

Relation-Shift partners with educators, parents and youth to comprehensively address the issues of sexual harassment, bullying and assault in middle
and high schools. 

Our services include:

Assessment of School Capacity

Relation-Shift develops and administers assessments of a school's capacity to

  • Prevent, respond to and resolve instances of sexual and relationship violence

  • Foster healthy identities within and relationships between students

This assessment informs a school's next steps, helping it target the areas that need to be addressed.

Trainings and Workshops

Offered to educators, students, parents and/or community members, these workshops and trainings can take place in the classroom, during professional development sessions, after school or in the evenings.

Examples include:

  • Professional Development for teachers, school leadership, athletic coaches, subject matter teams and staff

  • Student learning experiences through assemblies, class discussions, small-group conversations, team or student organization training, or a class or school-wide campaign

  • Community education, including facilitated town hall discussions, documentary and panel discussions and parent meetings

Click here for a list of past trainings and workshops for educators, parents and students.

Action Planning

Relation-Shift works with schools to support them in developing a vision for school success, strategies and action plans.

Based on the assessment, the plans include:  

  • Implementable and measurable benchmarks

  • Empirical data on the target population

  • Research-based action steps and solutions

Technical Assistance

Relation-Shift also provides a variety of subject matter consultations and technical assistance to schools, educational organizations and communities.

For example, Relation-Shift can provide:

  • Subject matter consulting for like-minded organizations

  • Surveys, trainings and interventions for schools, boards, departments and teams

  • Curriculum development for youth and for adults

  • Assessment

Relation-Shift looks forward to working with you to build our collective capacity to end sexual violence, promote healthy relationships and create safer schools for and with our middle and high school aged youth. Click here to connect with us.