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Justine is the founder of Relation-Shift. Justine has worked for the past ten years to advance the equality of women and men, focusing on creating inclusive workplace and school cultures and developing the capacity of young people to engage in healthy relationships. Justine worked at the Tahirih Justice Center for five years, a national nonprofit organization that protects immigrant women and girls refusing to become victims of violence, and served as the Washington DC Respect Challenge campaign manager for Futures Without Violence. Justine facilitates classes, workshops and seminars across the country on gender, media representation and the prevention of sexual and relationship violence and bullying. Previously, Justine worked as a teacher at a women’s college in Nanjing, China and as a communications specialist and reporter in Chicago. Justine obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Journalism at Loyola University of Chicago and her Ed.M, with a focus on human development and psychology, at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Sarah barnetT
curriculum advisor

Sarah Barnett graduated from Guilford College in 2012 with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies and Spanish language, and completed her MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution with a concentration in Emergency and Peace Education at American University. Though originally from Hendersonville, North Carolina, Sarah now lives in Washington, DC and has taught preschool and kindergarten in Czech Republic and ESL for Chinese children. She loves to experiment with different pedagogies, creating student-focused curricula that focus on peacebuilding. Sarah also makes mean banana bread muffins. 

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celeste finn
Project Advisor


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