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Relation-Shift works side-by-side with schools and communities to prevent, respond and resolve relationship and sexual violence, bullying and harassment amongst middle and high-school aged youth. Relation-shift does this by providing customized and data-driven services and learning experiences for educators and students.

Relation-Shift’s mission is to help make schools places where every student can thrive; teachers are empowered to prevent and respond to sexual bullying and harassment and administrators are successful in their implementation of policy to create safe, healthy environments for their students. 

Relation-Shift received the Harvard Graduate School of Education “Entrepreneurship in Education Award” and was founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Relation-Shift is founded and operated by advocates and educators with expertise and experience in relationship and sexual violence prevention, resolution and response as well as classroom management and youth development. 


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What We do

Research highlights a gap between professional development and school policy and the critical need for school leaders and teachers to effectively prevent and respond to sexual harassment and bullying. Although Title IX was created to give students protection against sex-based harassment, many schools find it difficult to provide the training, leadership, and policies to successfully prevent sexual harassment, bullying and assault. Additional steps need to be taken to create a safe school environment for all students to thrive.

Working with Relation-Shift

In collaboration with schools and educators, Relation-Shift provides a roadmap to increase the capacity of schools to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and relationship violence by engaging students, teachers and school leadership. We provide customized assessments and planning services that are data-driven and designed to address the school’s unique needs.

  • Assessment of school capacity to 1) prevent, respond and resolve instances of sexual and relationship violence and 2) to foster healthy identities and relationships within students

  • Develop School Vision for Success by working with school and student stakeholders

  • Develop Strategy and Action Plan with implementable and measurable benchmarks, based on results of the assessment and empirical data on target population, to achieve school vision

  • Provide Professional Development and transformational learning experiences for administration, teachers, youth-influencers and students

Relation-Shift assesses and develops the school's capacity to create environments where students can learn and are free from harassment, violence and fear; teachers are empowered to address problems directly and administrators can focus more on student success and less on student safety. Together we can create safer schools. 


Why It's Important

The problem is urgent.  Widespread sexual harassment, bullying, and relationship violence in schools is a reflection of unhealthy assumptions and beliefs about gender, consent, power, and relationships.

Due to shifting attitudes and greater access to media at much younger ages, there is a greater need to develop efforts to empower youth to gain the tools to develop self-knowledge, build positive identities, and make healthy relationship choices.

A look at the numbers

  • Middle and high-school aged youth (12- 19 years old) experience the highest rates of rape and sexual assault of the American population.

  • Approximately 1 in 3 teenage girls in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

  • 1 in 4 teens in a relationship say they have been called names, harassed or put down by their partner through cell phones and texting.

Unhealthy relationships and harmful gender norms can effect everyone, regardless of their age or identity. Let's set teens and tweens up for success in middle school, high school, and beyond. 


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