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Relation-Shift works side-by-side with schools and communities to prevent, respond to and resolve relationship and sexual violence, bullying and harassment amongst middle and high-school aged youth. Relation-shift does this by providing customized and data-driven assessment services, workshops and trainings for educators, parents, and students, and technical assistance to organizations and schools.

Relation-Shift’s mission is to help make schools places where every student can thrive; teachers are empowered to prevent and respond to sexual bullying and harassment; and administrators are successful in their implementation of policies to create safe, healthy environments for their students. 

The Problem

The problem is urgent: Widespread sexual harassment, bullying, and relationship violence in schools. Addressing these issues, their causes, and their pervasive impacts is overwhelming to both teens and adults who have few resources to which they can turn.  

About Us

Engaged minds, passionate hearts and dedicated professionals committed to addressing these issues using research-based practices.

Our Services + Our Impact

Customized assessments, trainings, workshops and action planning for youth, parents, teachers and administrators.

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Relation-Shift received the Harvard Graduate School of Education “Entrepreneurship in Education Award” and was founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Relation-Shift is founded and operated by advocates and educators with expertise and experience in relationship and sexual violence prevention, resolution and response as well as classroom management and youth development.


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