Educator Empowerment Workshop: 5 ways to Prevent Sexual Bullying in Schools

A Professional Development Seminar for Middle and High School Educators and Administrators and Youth Influencers

Attend an interactive workshop on innovative strategies to prevent, respond and resolve relationship and sexual violence, bullying and harassment and to advance healthy connections in your classroom, school and community.  Facilitated by advocates and educators with expertise and experience in relationship and sexual violence prevention for educators.   

Expect to Learn:

  1. The prevalence and impact of relationship and sexual violence on school and student outcomes

  2. How you can help advance development of healthy youth attitudes, beliefs and identities

  3. Tools and skills to address concerns related to youth and social media and technology, engaging men and boys, healthy body image and identities, and Title XI

Workshop Schedule: 

  • Sexual Violence, Harassment and Bullying 101: Learn the extent of sexual bullying and relationship violence in school and its effect on student identity and student academic outcomes.

  • Creating Healthy Communities: Concrete ways to foster healthy relationships and beliefs to prevent sexual assault and harassment in schools

  • Educator Roundtable and Brainstorm: In a collaborative environment, share your experiences, questions and ideas with other educators to develop innovative solutions to address these issues.

Participants will walk away feeling empowered to engage their students in meaningful dialogue to prevent sexual violence and bullying in their school and have greater confidence in addressing and responding to harmful and inappropriate behaviours.

Hosted by Relation-Shift Project, a Harvard Venture Incubation Program Venture. Refreshments provided. 

Limited attendance available for this exclusive event. Secure your spot by sending an email to with your name, role/title, place of work and age of students you work with. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can open the space for another educator to attend.