You're Invited: Symposium at Harvard 9/21 "Educating to End Sexual Violence"

Educators must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools, and motivation to prevent, respond, and resolve sexual violence in the school context. This interactive symposium will prepare K-12 and Higher Education practitioners for their role in changing school cultures in this post-MeToo era. 

Join top educators, researchers, and practitioners for a cutting-edge symposium tackling tough topics related to sexual and relationship violence in schools. The Name it, Face it, End it symposium, with specific K-12 and Higher Education workshop tracks, will give you practical and tangible tools for understanding, responding, and preventing sexual violence in young communities and school settings.

I am a School Counselor for middle school students
in a rural community and Relation-Shift’s trainings were relevant and beneficial to me. I work at a public school in a rural and isolated. I feel re-inspired and motivated as an educator and counselor. The presentations equipped me with the language and tools I need to talk to youth about relationships, sex, gender roles, and social media and to empower them to engage in healthy relationships.”
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Friday, September 21, 2018 at 12PM

  • elcome & Learning Lunch (12:00-1:00PM)
  • Interactive Workshops (Name it, Face it, End it Sessions) (1:00-5:00PM)
  • Keynote - Askwith (5:30-7:00PM)
  • Reflections Reception (7:00-8:00PM)